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Activity Guide - The Purpose of Websites

1. :
 You visit Google to because it has the most spectacular engineering. It is one of the most popular search engines for websites, pictures and videos. It makes research so easy, which helps us even though we may not know it. 

 It was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page so that the internet could be organized and so users could find the information they were looking for. Brin and Page benefited from the creation of Google because they became billionaires, running a multi-billion dollar company.

 2. :
Amazon is used to buy items fast and efficiently. Their were websites like this before, but Amazon makes buying online more beneficial for the customer. the items are priced well and it comes fast. every customers dream! 

 Amazon was created by Jeff Bezos in 1994. amazon started out as a small online book store, but grew to house a variety of items. Over time Amazon became one of the most prominent websites to but items. Bezos created Amazon so that it would be easie…

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