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Intro to Computer Programming HW
Summary 1 : What Did You *Think* They Did With Your Data? talks about how when and asks asks you to share you location it could lead to bad circumstances. In this article, they used AccuWeather as an example. They showed a pop up notification saying “ Allow AccuWeather to access your location even when not using the app.” This allows random people to pay to track you, which is so scary and could have so horrible consequences.
Summary 2 : This article talks about how for $1,000 anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use. People found this terrifying and mind blowing that ads can allow a person to do that. Researchers looked into it and discovered that only some ads offer it. It’s so easy and the person who clicked on the add can also see the person they are tracking app’s usage. This could leak personal information like interests, dating habits, religious beliefs, health conditions and so much more. Overall, this is so terrible that…

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